An indomitable spirit

In 2009 René formed the band ‘The Real Music Revival’, of which he of course was the lead guitar-player and singer. Apart from himself, the five-man band included Thomas Manetti, Magic Freddy, Peter Doest, and Daniël van der Molen. To discover more specific information about the band members, please refer to ‘Band’ in the main menu.

René, along with his new band, recorded the following albums - ‘Discover’ (an album of cover songs, in July 2010), ‘The Hidden Miracle’ (November 2010), ‘Like a Wolf in the Night’ (August 2012), and ‘For a Friend’ (also an album of cover songs, in September 2012).

On 23rd July 2012, as a result of many requests, he produced an album entitled ‘Inspired by You’. It contains some of the cover songs that most influenced him during his musical life and each was chosen for the meaning it held for him personally. In his own words this recording was ‘back to basics’, and music in its purest form. Just René and his guitar.

As many people already know, René became ill early in 2012. The diagnosis was advanced bowel cancer. Throughout the months of his illness, during which time he underwent various operations and treatments, he displayed great courage and resilience, always retaining a positive attitude. His zest for life and his music never faltered, and in fact he recorded no less than three albums in as many months that year.

However, the very aggressive cancer virus was invincible, and on 3rd October 2012 he passed away.

\'The Real Music Revival\' at a Queensday concert at Oudewater, Netherlands in 2010
'The Real Music Revival' at a Queens Day concert
in Oudewater, Netherlands on 30th April, 2010


The Real Music Revival at a Queensday concert at Oudewater, NL on 30th April 2010   The Real Music Revival with pop choir Luidkeels, 17th April 2010 at Barneveld Netherlands   The Real Music Revival at a gig at Bunckmanplein in Voorthuizen, NL on 23rd August 2012
Oudewater, 2010With pop choir Luidkeels, 2010Voorthuizen, 2012


Queens Day concert 2010   Join The Wave
Queens Day Concert, 2010 Join the Wave      Lyrics