René recorded twelve albums in total. Eight of these are recordings of his own compositions. The other four CDs are of popular cover songs.

All the songs René recorded, and most particularly his own compositions, are a reflection of his personal life experiences, of the deep love he had for family and friends, his concern for the environment and his wonder at the beauty of nature. His fine compositions display a sublime empathy with others and the world about him, and an understanding beyond his years of the more profound aspects of life. The guitar was René's closest companion for over twenty years, and he expressed his feelings about this in the song, ‘Guitar's Company’, which he wrote on 30th April 1992, when he was sixteen years old. It can be found on the CD, ‘Empty Hands’. On this and others of his CDs René arranged the perfect accompaniment of a beautiful string quartet for many of his heartfelt and sensitive ballads.

René was a prolific songwriter with a tremendous desire to perform, to reach out to people and to share his thoughts and feelings with them through his music and songs. Whether performing solo, as a duo or trio, or with the whole band, he always created an atmosphere appropriate to the occasion.

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René's String Quartet
Minke Huibers, Maurits van Stuyvenberg, Willemijn Stekeee, Erik Lieftinck


René's String Quartet   'René with Thomas Manetti at a gig in Tiel, 26th Augustus 2012   René, Thomas Manetti and Magic Freddy
René's String QuartetRené with ThomasRené, Thomas and Freddy


Guitar's Company   Between Two Brothers
Guitar's Company      LyricsBetween Two Brothers      Lyrics