1. Searching heart R. Wingelaar Lyrics

5. I'll be the one T. P.  Manetti Lyrics

7. Movin' this way T. P.  Manetti Lyrics

8. The beat goes on R. Wingelaar Lyrics

9. By my side T. P.  Manetti Lyrics

10. When you sleep R. Wingelaar Lyrics

12. Forest never die R. Wingelaar Lyrics

Band Composition
René Wingelaar: Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo
Thomas Manetti: Electric guitar, electric bass, saxophone, acoustic guitar and background vocals
Arno Cornelissen: Acoustic lead guitar, electric bass, mandolin and background vocals
Henk-Jan Velvis: Piano
Klaas Christiaan Schukken: Drums and percussion

Searching heart
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